4 master programmes NHL Stenden “Top Rated Programme 2019”

Dienstag 05 März 2019

Four master’s degree programmes of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences are allowed to use the quality seal “Top Rated Programme 2019” this year. These include the following master programmes: Master Education in Arts, Master Digital Innovation in Healthcare and Social Work, Master Teacher Education in General Economics, and Master Teacher Education in Mathematics. According to the Keuzegids Masters 2019, which will be published today, the university of applied sciences is among the 3 best in The Netherlands in regards to their master programmes. Earlier this school year, NHL Stenden was among the top 3 concerning its bachelor programmes.

NHL Stenden in top 3 of best master programmes

Keuzegids Masters 2019
The Keuzegids provides a clear overview of all master programmes per discipline, including critical comparative descriptions and judgements of quality. The Keuzegids is created by an independent editorial team, without sponsors or subsidies from companies, institutions, or the government.

The ranking is determined annually based on student satisfaction, accreditations, and the amount of students that complete a study.

Professional masters
NHL Stenden offers twenty master programmes (also called ‘professional masters’) in The Netherlands. The twentieth master course will be introduced September 1st: the master programme Design Driven Innovation. A professional master distinguishes itself from a university master by focussing on practical assignments and practically-oriented research. As a result, there is an excellent connection with the work field. There are several internationally recognised master titles: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Education (MEd), and Master of Social Work (MSW). NHL Stenden notices the increasing demand for professional master’s degrees and is continually working with the professional field to offer a broader range of programmes.