NHL Stenden student Advisor Executive Board visits Minister of Education, Culture and Science

Mittwoch 06 Februar 2019

Ceren Wit, Student Advisor to the Executive Board, visited recently the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. She was there at the invitation of Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven to talk about her function and student welfare, an important theme for Wit. The reason for the minister to talk to the student advisor was an article by Science Guide (Dutch) in which she explains her role and the interpretation of the function.  


Ceren participates in the Executive Board meetings twice a week as a student advisor. A student who thinks along pro-actively with the Board is not common practice. All the more reason for the minister to invite Wit. "The minister was interested in the role of student advisor and I saw this as a unique opportunity. I had written down a number of points that I wanted to discuss with her and fortunately I was able to discuss them. For example, we talked about psychological disorders such as autism and fear of failure, but also issues such as depression and informal care. It was a very nice conversation in which the minister showed interest and there was dynamic interaction between her perspective and my perspective", says Ceren.

Student welfare is a theme that is close to Ceren Wit's heart. "Within NHL Stenden we have been able to ensure that Student Welfare is now a separate category in the field of quality agreements. Other institutions are also increasingly concerned with the issue of disability. What I enjoyed most in my conversation with the minister is that she was genuinely interested in how we deal with this at NHL Stenden.

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