Make an appeal

If you disagree with a decision made by the Examinations Board or a refusal on their part to make a decision, you can file your appeal with the Examinations Appeals Board within six weeks after the decision was announced.

How does it work?

Submitting your appeal

  • Download the ELF Objection/Appeal Form (.docx).
  • Complete and save the form.
  • Email the form, along with documentary evidence, to ELF at the following email address:
  • ELF will then refer your appeal to the Examinations Appeals Board.

Handling of appeals

We will first attempt to reach a settlement depending on the outcome of the preliminary stage. If this attempt fails, the Examinations Appeals Board will officially review and evaluate your appeal.

You will receive an invitation to attend a session of the Examinations Appeals Board, which will then make a decision regarding your appeal. The Board will provide you with regular updates about the proceedings. The time elapsed between the date the appeal was filed and the date when the Examinations Appeals Board reaches a decision should not exceed ten weeks.

Disagreement with a decision of the Examinations Appeals Board

You can file an appeal with the Higher Education Appeals Board.