File a complaint

Would you like to make a complaint about inappropriate behaviour by an NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences employee? For example, are you still waiting for a reply to an email you sent to an NHL Stenden employee a while ago, have you had trouble reaching a member of staff, or do you feel you are not being taken seriously? In all of these cases, you can contact ELF.

How does it work?

Try to talk it out first

You should first contact the employee to whom your complaint relates, so you can attempt to resolve the problem together by discussing it with them. If this proves impossible or if you are unsatisfied with the outcome, you have the option of submitting a complaint. ELF will ensure that your complaint is referred to the Disputes and Complaints Advisory Committee.

Submitting your complaint

Handling of complaints

We will first attempt to reach a settlement depending on the outcome of the preliminary stage. If this attempt to resolve the issue is unsuccessful, the Disputes and Complaints Committee will officially review and evaluate your complaint.

  • Within three weeks after submitting your complaint, you will receive an invitation to attend a session of the Disputes and Complaints Board.
  • The decision reached during this session will constitute a recommendation for NHL Stenden’s Board of Governors.
  • Based on the recommendation, the Board of Governors will then make a decision and inform you of this decision in writing. You will receive the letter containing the decision within six weeks of submitting your complaint, and, subject to your approval, this period can be extended by four weeks.

Sexual Harassment Policy

If you feel you have become the victim of sexual harassment, you should contact NHL Stenden’s confidential counsellor or, alternatively, an NHL Stenden Dean through the following email address: View the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Sexual Harassment Policy (pdf).