Knowledge2018: ambitious projects for our region

Would you like to share your knowledge for the development of Leeuwarden or Friesland? Then you may find Knowledge2018 very interesting. Knowledge2018 is a collaboration platform of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Friesland College, Friese Poort, Nordwin College and Van Hall Larenstein. The platform is an initiative in the context of Capital of Culture 2018. 

Joining one of the projects of this platform means working with fellow students and companies to actively contribute to a strong region. You will combine forces by connecting knowledge, experience, projects, people and networks from several disciplines. As a team, you will assess what ingredients are required to achieve development.

There are projects in social, ecological, economic, and many other areas. Brainstorm to devise clever festival toilets, or express your creativity at an agency for citizen journalism, for example. As a student, your contribution will be much appreciated, because studies have shown that the open, fresh views of young people like you can lead to valuable initiatives. That is why the mission statement of Knowledge2018 is: ‘Young people in the lead before, during, and after 2018.’

Knowledge2018 is an initiative in the context of Capital of Culture 2018. NHL Stenden collaborates with Friesland College, Friese Poort, Nordwin College, and Van Hall Larenstein in this platform.

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