NHL Stenden Koor

NHL Stendenchoir

Music unites, this we know at the NHL Stenden Choir. Ever since its inception in 1992, the choir brings together (former) employees and (former) students of NHL Stenden, ROC Friese Poort, and Friesland College. It is a unity that can be felt most clearly during the annual Passion Concert.

Conductor Harm Witteveen was involved in the founding of the NHL Stenden Choir in 1992. He was of the opinion that anyone should be able to get acquainted with the origins of pop music. He referred to classical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, like the St Matthew Passion and the St John Passion. Accompanied by the Promenade Orchestra, these concerts receive praise from its many visitors each year.

Over the last decades, hundreds of choir members gained experience in singing classical and modern pieces in NHL Stenden’s choir. From international students to local musicians and even entire families; each and every one learnt to listen to music differently. For some, it was the start of a professional singing career.