Academy of International Hospitality Research

The Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) is the research unit of Hotel Management School. With campus sites in Bali, the Netherlands, South-Africa and Thailand, Hotel Management School is one of the largest and most international hotel schools in the world.

Because of this profile, AIHR is provided with an international platform which is being used for research. The activities of the three professorships (applied sciences) within Hotel Management School are included in AIHR.

Impact on the Hospitality industry

The research results of AIHR are used to contribute to the developments and innovations in the hospitality industry and the improvements of the hospitality education. This is why AIHR is so closely connected to the industry, to connect research to practical applications.

Employees, as well as students, are being involved and stimulated to do research which is relevant for the appropriate domains. We do this by implementing research into the curriculum. This approach is called 'Professional Research’.

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