Unfold 2021

UNFOLD2021. Full of perspective

What new opportunities will unfold in 2021? What chances will we get? We faced quite a few challenges last year and discovered new ways of teaching, researching, collaborating, sharing knowledge, doing internships, testing… and all the rest. Now it’s time to dive into the New Year and start with a fresh perspective.

UNFOLD livestream

The UNFOLD livestream can be followed via the link below from 12:00.

Are you ready for it?

Today (Monday January 18) we kickstart the new year between 12:00 and 13:00! Read below what to expect.

What can you expect?

In the space of an hour, interesting guests will tell inspiring stories that will help you look at the New Year from a different angle, full of promise


Unfold the programme and see what you can expect!

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Steye van Dam - to-the-max disruptor

  • Super harsh, relentless and messy
  • Actor, lecturer at “Omdenken” and seasoned host of many events
  • Will introduce you to Omdenken: the ideal way of turning problems into new opportunities
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Ruud Veltenaar - progressor

  • Philosopher, TED-Speaker, author and progressor
  • Will speak about the disruptive changes we are facing and present a hopeful perspective of our future
  • Will ask you what kind of world we are educating our world-wise students for
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Carlijn Postma – queen of content

  • Founder of marketing bureau The Post
  • Claims that binging is the new way of learning
  • Will ask if we can develop a form of online education that students cannot get enough of
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