Corona Q & A

Questions and answers regarding COVID-19 for prospect students

As the Netherlands continues to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic we, as NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, remain committed to playing our part in safeguarding the health, wellbeing and success of our students and staff. Academic continuity is of the highest importance, which means we aim to:

  • ensure that our students can continue their studies in a safe environment
  • ensure that our staff can do their work successfully in a safe environment
  • provide tools for staff and students so they can effectively work, study and perform research

Are you planning to study at NHL Stenden?

Although our priority now is to focus on academic continuity, we also care about our future international students. Maybe you have already enrolled at our university and looking forward to joining our student community in the new academic year? Please be reassured that we will warmly welcome you in September when, hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will have been contained.

We understand that you may have questions regarding the coronavirus, so we have put together the most frequently asked questions and their answers. We will update this list frequently. If you are still left with a question, you can refer to one of the useful websites below or use the contact information to get more help.


Do you still have some questions? Contact us via WhatsApp +316 12 31 81 10 or email

FAQ topics

  1. General
  2. Application
  3. Payment
  4. Visa & Travel
  5. Scholarships


What is the current situation in the Netherlands regarding the corona virus outbreak?
The number of cases of coronavirus is increasing and the Dutch government have implemented a number of measures to prevent the further spread of the virus. For instance, because a cold, a cough or a fever may be the first symptoms of coronavirus, people with these symptoms are being asked to avoid social contacts as much as possible. This way, we hope to slow down the spread of the virus.

In addition, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment have issued a number of guidelines for everyone to follow (see Amongst these guidelines are that schools, colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities have all closed their buildings, and travel abroad is severely restricted. In addition, as NHL Stenden, we have urged our staff and students currently working and studying abroad to return to the Netherlands as soon as possible.

More information about the measures in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus can be found at

Are universities (of applied sciences) in the Netherlands still open?
The Dutch Cabinet decided on Thursday 12 March that all educational activities given at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences are to be cancelled. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is complying with this advice and has closed its buildings to students until at least 1 June 2020.

However, we are providing online education, our libraries our open online and our staff are working from home and giving online lectures and classes where possible.

What are the policies of NHL Stenden to respond to COVID-19 developments?
NHL Stenden has closed all its buildings to students and has switched to providing online education where possible. We have set up a special information desk to handle questions regarding the coronavirus and we are sharing the latest developments on the NHL Stenden website. Students and staff also have access to extensive information through the NHL Stenden intranet.

Bearing in mind the latest travel advice issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have also called back all our staff and students who are working or studying abroad.

Can I attend an NHL Stenden Open Day or visit campus?
Unfortunately, all on-campus events including open days and campus tours have now been cancelled. We have taken this decision to safeguard the well-being of our students, staff and visitors. We are currently organising a virtual open day on Friday 3 April, also more online events are scheduled. Please check here

Registration for our open days in autumn 2020 is not yet open.

Will courses at NHL Stenden start in September 2020?
Although all Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences are currently closed until at least 1 June, there is no indication as yet that this will continue into the autumn. At the moment, we hope to be able to start the academic year as normal in September.


Is NHL Stenden still considering applications from students residing in countries that are (severely) affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?
Yes. NHL Stenden will continue to handle applications irrespective where you are from, like we usually do. We monitor the global situation closely and we’ll update our FAQs as soon as more information becomes available. Therefore, we recommend you to check this page periodically.

My school/university is closed, or was closed temporarily, due to the corona virus. My exams / graduation date will therefore be postponed. What are my options?
We are not yet able to say how delayed exams or school/university closures will affect our admissions decision. NHL Stenden is fully aware of this situation. Relevant governmental organisations and higher education institutions in the Netherlands, are working on possible solutions. We will inform you in more detail as soon as we can.

Please feel free to consult our central student administration, quoting your application ID (if applicable) to get personal advice on your situation.

I am unable to take an English proficiency test because test centres in my home country are closed. What should I do?
NHL Stenden accepts a variety of English proficiency tests. We are aware that test centres around the world have cancelled and/or postponed exams. Relevant governmental organisations and higher education institutions in the Netherlands, are working on possible solutions. We will inform you in more detail as soon as we can.

Our current deadline to submit English proficiency test results is 01 July for NON EU applicants and 15 August for EU applicants

Please note that NHL Stenden has an onsite Language Centre which offers pre-bachelor and pre-master English Language Courses, for students who need to upgrade their English language abilities For entry requirements please contact the Language Centre.

Will NHL Stenden extend its application deadlines?
NHL Stenden is taking advice from relevant governmental organisations whether amendments to deadlines are possible. Any changes will be published here. Until further notice, the deadline for NON EU applicants is 01 June 2020, for EU applicants it is 15 August 2020

Please bear in mind that NHL Stenden also offer a February 2021 start for the majority of its English-taught bachelor prorgammes. Applications for this intake will be possible from June on.

Can I defer my NHL Stenden offer to a later intake?
No, you cannot. You will need to reapply for a subsequent intake via Studielink. None of NHL Stenden’s programmes are so-called numerus fixus or selective programmes, which means you will have guaranteed admission as long as you meet our entry requirements.

The central student administration at NHL Stenden are still working despite the current close of its campuses?
Yes, they are. NHL Stenden admissions officers (part of our Central Student Administration team – CSA) are working on applications. Please note there may be some impact on how quickly they can handle your queries, they are receiving a higher volume of questions than usual.


I have received an offer from NHL Stenden and am ready to make my payment. What are the options for a refund in case I can’t start my studies (due to unforeseen circumstances) in September 2020?
NHL Stenden acknowledges any uncertainty you may have. Full refunds (for NON EU applicants) are eventually possible,in case visa procedures haven’t started yet and students haven’t started the programme. Please notify our central student administration via and briefly motivate your request for a full refund.

When is the deadline to make my payment to NHL Stenden to confirm my offer?
The payment deadline at NHL Stenden for NON EU applicants is 01 July 2020. At present, we haven’t adjusted our deadline but will keep monitoring the global situation. Any changes will be announced here.

Can I have an extension to pay my tuition fees and (when applicable) deposit?
Unfortunately a postponed payment or other payment arrangement  are not possible.

Visa & Travel

Do I need any kind of medical certificate when making an appointment with the Dutch Embassy / Consulate to get my visa (MVV)?
No, there is no requirement at the moment to present any kind of medical certificate or statement. In case of changing policies, we will publish those here.

Are there any restrictions for international students (by the Dutch government) travelling into the Netherlands for the purpose of studying?
Advice regarding travel opportunities to and from the Netherlands is in constant motion. Please inform yourself in detail about particular conditions affecting your travel plans and follow guidance from NHL Stenden.

We monitor the global situation closely and we’ll update our FAQs as soon as more information becomes available. Therefore, we recommend you to check this page periodically.

Does NHL Stenden apply an adjusted visa application policy due to the COVID-19 outbreak?
That’s a bit too early to call. We normally apply for visa in the months of June and July in order to ensure on-time arrival for our international students, through an accelerated procedure with the Dutch immigration services (IND). Relevant governmental organisations and higher education institutions in the Netherlands, are working on possible scenarios. We will inform you in more detail as soon as we can.


I have received a (Holland) scholarship offer from NHL Stenden. Can I delay accepting this offer or defer it to a future intake?
NHL Stenden offers a limited range of entry scholarships as part of the Holland Scholarship programme. You cannot defer your scholarship offer to a future intake. If you want to discuss your scholarship acceptance, please contact


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