Entrepreneurship and Retail Management

Your future after completing the Entrepreneurship and Retail Management programme

With a bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Retail Management, you have a wealth of career opportunities worldwide. You could start your own business or scale-up the company you launched during your studies. You could take on a leadership role in the retail sector or assume a managerial or advisory position in a global enterprise.  


Career diversity 

As an Entrepreneurship & Retail Management graduate, you have the skills to navigate international markets, understand different consumer behaviours and adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape. The increasing demand for professionals with expertise in entrepreneurship and retail management on a global scale means you have excellent opportunities for finding dynamic and rewarding careers in diverse business sectors. With your particular specialisation, you’ll be able to add sustainable value to an enterprise. 

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • Entrepreneur: start and scale up your own business venture 

  • Retail Manager: oversee and lead retail operations for a company 

  • Business Consultant: provide expert advice to businesses on improving operations and strategies 

  • Marketing Manager: develop and implement marketing campaigns for retail and entrepreneurial endeavours 

  • Purchase Manager: responsible for procuring goods & services for resale or in company use 

  • Brand Manager: manage and promote brand identity and strategy for products or companies 

  • E-Commerce Specialist: focus on online retail, sales and digital marketing strategies 

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Take your passion for Business Administration to the next level with a Master’s degree. You can take a Master’s at NHL Stenden or at another university of applied sciences or research university. 

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