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Your future after completing European Studies

With a bachelor’s in European Studies, you’ll have gained essential international experience in the field so you can launch a career in a wide variety of areas. You could work for government agencies at a national or international level, but also for NGOs, political parties and policy departments in companies and organisations focused on Europe.  

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Career diversity 

As a young European professional, you’ll have a broad knowledge of Europe, extensive cultural awareness and communications skills in different languages – key qualities for both national and international organisations. Your ability to think strategically and your understanding of policy and governance put you in good stead for debating and lobbying for organisations, and advising on action. Whether you work at local, regional, national or European level, you’ll be able to make a difference in a single Europe.  

Careers open to you after graduation include: 

  • Lobbyist in the public/private sector: using your knowledge of and about Europe to effortlessly influence policy makers 
  • Policy officer for a government ministry: handling issues of importance in the Netherlands, such as for instance helping to develop new policy or identify relevant topics in local areas, using your skills in connecting, acting and applying your knowledge to help the ministry progress 
  • International policy officer: working for European governments and developing policy on issues such as immigration and safety 
  • Public affairs consultant in Brussels: using your knowledge of different cultures, policy and Europe to maintain good relationships with stakeholders 
  • International project assistant: using your skills and knowledge for international projects be it for a large or small organisation 
  • European Union specialist for municipal or provincial authorities 

Continue your studies

Take your passion for European Studies to the next level with a master’s degree. With a master’s in European Studies or similar internationally focused degree, you’ll delve deeper into your field and develop insights for placing contemporary issues into a broader context, drawing on perspectives from politics, culture, economics, law, history, anthropology and geography. 


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