International Human Resource Management

Your future after completing the International Human Resource Management programme

The experience you gain in the field while taking this degree means you can start work in a wide variety of areas as a young human resource professional. Your international experience, along with your creative, analytical and open mind will put you in good stead for a flourishing career.



You could for instance work as:

  • Onboarding Specialist 
  • Chief Happiness Officer 
  • HR Data Analyst 
  • Compensation & Benefits Specialist 
  • Diversity & Inclusion Manager
  • Employee Journey Advisor 
  • Head of Employee Experience 
  • Agile Coach 
  • Training & Development Manager
  • Recruitment Manager 
  • Talent Strategy Manager
  • Change Agent 
  • Online Learning Designer 
  • Manager of People and Culture

Continue studying

If you want to continue studying after your graduation so as to delve deeper into your field, then you can go on to do a master’s, either at a university of applied sciences or at a research university.

Lesley Cordial | Friesland Campina

Lesley Cordial | Friesland Campina

Lesley Cordial is Lead for Inclusive Diversity at Friesland Campina.

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