International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS)

Your future after completing the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS)

With a bachelor’s in International Teacher Education for Primary Schools, you will be able to teach at privately funded international schools or choose from a range of careers in international education. Whichever path you take, you'll be able to apply your professional skills and knowledge to support children of different ages, nationalities, cultures and talents. You'll also find your degree is a highly valued commodity if you decide to work in a different field than education. 

About 12,500 of the over 13,000 international schools are privately funded. To teach at publicly funded international schools (most of them are in the Netherlands and Germany) or if you want to teach in your home country, you will need a national teaching qualification. This is an additional qualification you can take after you have graduated from the ITEPS programme. Universities in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, UK and USA offer a one-year programme to obtain the qualification. We are currently discussing the possibility of an international teaching qualification (for international schools only) with the Dutch Ministry of Education.

tuition fees and living costs

Career diversity 

Your job as a teacher will be as inspiring and creative as any job can be, but of course it also comes with its share of responsibilities. As an ITEPS graduate, you will know how to apply your professional skills and knowledge to support children of different backgrounds, in different environments and in a multicultural setting. You will know how to communicate with parents, and be able to work independently, with your colleagues, and with other education professionals. 

Careers open to you after graduation include:

  • International Primary School Teacher
  • Educational Assistant
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Principal or Deputy Principal
Pepijn Bodegom - Alumnus

I love the mix of stories and cultures in the classroom

Continue your studies

Take your passion for teaching to the next level with a master’s degree. With the Master’s Learning & Innovation (special track International Teacher Education), you explore contemporary approaches to pedagogy and research within the context of your international school The master's is a two-year part-time programme that combines online specialisation modules with residential core courses in the Netherlands.  


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