International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS)

Your future after completing the bachelor International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS) programme

On completion of this programme, you will be ready for teaching at international and bilingual secondary schools. In this creative and meaningful job, you will work with learners in the age group between 11 and 16.

tuition fees and living costs

You join up with colleagues in an international and intercultural environment. Many of your learners have parents who work in a country for some years, and then move on. Your classes often include local learners who want to improve their English and prepare for international higher education.

With your newfound professional skills, you will be a confident teacher to all kinds of learners. With your help, they will acquire the necessary subject knowledge and develop into eager, social, and balanced individuals.

Jobs open to you after graduation (and further specialisation):

  • TeacherĀ at an international secondary school.
  • Coordinator of school programmes or projects.
  • School leader or deputy school leader.
  • (Careers) counsellor.
  • Special educational needs teacher.
  • Teacher in bilingual education.

The ITESS diploma does not include a Dutch teaching licence. To obtain a teaching licence for the Netherlands, Dutch speaking students may choose to complete an additional programme in regular Dutch teacher education of 30 to 60 credits, depending on the situation and the specialisation.