International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS)

Would you like to become a teacher at an international school and are you interested in Science?
ITESS Science would be an excellent choice. There are some 10.000 international schools across the globe. In the middle years of most schools, Science is taught as one integrated subject at least until pupils/students reach age 14 or 15.

ITESS Science Years 1 and 2

In the first two years of our ITESS Science programme, the course units are based upon and supersede general secondary education. Courses are typically at a level supported by advanced textbooks (Giancoli, McMurry, Campbell, see references). They include aspects of the forefront of Science and make interdisciplinary links between Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Throughout the Science program, our focus is on training the didactic skills and teaching the in-depth knowledge that is imperative to be able to teach the Science concepts. We build on the knowledge that you have already obtained, and challenge you further by giving you assignments that ask you to explain science concepts to peers. From year 2, you prepare for nine weeks of Teaching Practice with a focus on didactic skills in teaching Science and with a focus on pedagogics at an international school abroad.

In our Science classes, you acquire the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate socio-scientific global issues: in human health and aging, energy resources, climate change, and in world-wide food availability issues.

ITESS Science Years 3 and 4

You specialise in one of the disciplines: Biology, Physics, or Chemistry. This specialisation allows you to teach in the final years of secondary school. In year 3, you will study at a partner university abroad for at least one semester, to strengthen your profile and employability.

In year 4, you show all-round professional competences at bachelor level in teaching practice and by means of a final portfolio and bachelor thesis. You round off the subject field of Science in Biology, Physics or Chemistry and you demonstrate didactic know-how in a final paper and product. 

Textbooks used

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  • Giancoli D.C. Physics. Pearson Education (US). 6th edition. 9780131911833
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