Master Means More

Master Means More

Dual Master Degree (MA/MSc) in 14 months

Are you considering starting a master study? It is a smart choice to aim even higher. Not only will you gain in-depth knowledge, broaden your research skills, expand your network, and benefit from rewarding opportunities, you will also increase your international career opportunities. 

  • In cooperation with University of Derby (UK).
  • Study at one of the most respected institutions of Hospitality & Tourism in Europe.
  • Get a Dutch Master of Arts and British Master of Science Degree within 14 months.

”I believe that the connection between the different topics and the real world prepares me well for the business world out there.”

Laura Velten - NHL Stenden student

Do you want more?

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has added a unique international partnership to its Masters of Arts study programmes by signing a dual degree collaborative partnership with the University of Derby (UoD) in the UK. 

Students can now enrol in a dual master degree programme taught at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands (Leeuwarden) and graduate with two master's degrees within 14 months of study. 

Students will graduate with either a:


International Hospitality and Service Management

master international leisure and tourism studies

International Leisure and Tourism Studies