Advanced Wine Studies

Would you like to specialise in wines and learn everything about the cultivation of grapes and wine production to a level much deeper than that of the average wine lover? Then take the minor in Advanced Wine Studies. In this minor, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the wine industry. 

You’ll explore the history of wine, wine storage and aging, different wine production techniques, international wine standards, trends, finances, distribution, sales and marketing. You’ll also discover which wines suit which foods and the differences between wines through (blind) tasting.

  • Realised in collaboration with the prestigious Cape Wine Academy.
  • Earn a number of diplomas and certificates at the Cape Wine Academy.
  • Develop into a wine expert who matters in the wine industry.
  • Undertake a study trip through the wine regions around Cape Town.

This minor is worth 30 ECTS and is offered in English in South Africa. The course concludes with various wine tastings, assignments, and presentations. You will also take various exams at the Cape Wine Academy.



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