Art and Education

The focus in this minor lies on specific training in theatre skills, theatre education and research. Students  will  participate in community theatre as a director, have a traineeship in a primary school as a teacher and will be training in didactic skills and cultural entrepreneurship. Students will also participate in an ongoing research project or will be given the opportunity to set up their own research. 

  • Semester: spring
  • Level: Second and third year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
  • Grading policy: 1-10
  • Prerequisities: English B2, admission only for theatre students or students from theatre related studies.

Description minor

We expect students to be creative, act pro-active in different aspects of the program and capable of defining their own learning outcomes and determine which competences they want to gain or improve. The aim is to broaden and improve the artistic and didactic skills, theatre theory  and research and apply them in different settings.  This minor is meant for students interested in a career in theatre education and research as well as cultural entrepreneurship



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