Branding Advertising Design

This course revolves around creating campaigns, brand design, and thousands of ways of advertising (by combining graphics, video, radio, photography, guerilla, and more). In a self-taught environment, you work on real assignments from Dutch companies and institutions. There are few lectures, so there is plenty of room for personal creative development; you decide what you will learn.

The aim is to get the mindset, skills, and knowledge of those who work in ad agencies, like creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists. On completing this minor, you are expected to understand design principles, influencing principles, communication strategies, and how to work in an advertising team. Above all, Branding Advertising Design is a playground to explore how the advertising world works.

Every semester we will visit museums and events to get inspired. We also try to organise a trip abroad (Berlin, London, Dublin) for more international experiences.

Practical information

This minor is meant for those who are willing to work hard, be pro-active, self-driven and/or streetwise.

  • Semester:  spring
  • Level: second/third year
  • ECTS: 30
  • Grading policy: fail/pass
  • Prerequisites: English level B2
  • Optional course: Dutch Language and Culture




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