Business Management and Finance

The minor Business Management and Finance provides the student with broad expertise in the financial and economic aspects of business management. It teaches students how to make an overall business analysis of an existing business corporation. 

Strategy, Finance, and Operations are the main courses that will provide you with the necessary theoretical background for carrying out a business analysis. In a case application, you will apply this knowledge and make an extensive analysis of an existing business; you will be able to indicate how to improve the (financial) performance of the company. In addition, the importance of intercultural awareness and communication is discussed in several courses. 

  • Semester or period: fall and spring
  • Level: second year
  • Prerequisites: English B1/B2
  • Basic knowledge of business economics, enterprising, business plan fundamentals, finance. 
  • Amount of mandatory ECTS: 25
  • Amount of optional ECTS: 5
  • Grading: differs per course (1-10 or fail/pass)



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