Entrepreneurship in Action (Bali)

Innovative entrepreneurship

Would you like to start up your own business or bring innovation to an organisation as manager? Are working hard, experimentation, and innovation part of who you are? Do you like to do things a little differently from everyone else? Then the minor in Entrepreneurship in Action is for you. 

You will gain skills in entrepreneurship and learn to view business opportunities with a fresh perspective. You will also get inspired in Bali, a place where more and more creative and innovative start-ups are establishing. It is even being compared with Silicon Valley due to its enterprising climate.

  • Develop into a successful manager who can work in all kinds of sectors.
  • Attend lectures by people from the industry and go on excursions to interesting companies.
  • Learn how to start up a business and how to write a business plan.

The course is worth 15 ECTS and is offered in English in Bali. The course concludes with the completion and presentation of a business plan for a start-up.



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