Europe at a Crossroads

‘Europe at a Crossroads’ refers to the position that Europe/the EU is currently in; it can choose from a selection of options. Enhanced European cooperation started as an ambitious economic project to avoid political and military instability, which led to widespread economic development, open borders, and the gradual development of a common identity under increased political integration. Recently, the EU has come under increasing scrutiny and different solutions are suggested to slow down or even move away from the integration path. There are practical and strategic decisions to be made about the future of Europe following the Brexit referendum, increasing tensions with Russia and Turkey in recent years, the strengthened position of China in the world, and the US under Trump. 

This minor will focus on European cooperation from different perspectives and on different levels. The perspectives from which we look at the EU/Europe are: politics, governance, and security. The levels refer to the local/regional, national, European, and international level. You will gain knowledge about the position of the EU/Europe in a globalising world and the possibilities for future development. Additionally, you will be trained in debating, international negotiation, and intercultural communication. Furthermore, you will write a (research) report for an external client and do a practical project.      

As part of this minor, you will visit the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels in October and travel to The Hague for a debating event. Your contribution is greatly appreciated as we discuss the future of Europe!


ECTS: 30
Lesson types: lectures, tutorials, and working sessions
Test types: written exams, presentations, and assignments
Semester: fall
Lecturers: Ellianne Feenstra, Baudina Vassallo Baarsma, and others 
Entry requirements: English at B2 level
Language: English
Level: 4th year



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