Game Development & 3D

During your study in the minor Game Development & 3D, you’ll work on solving communication and multimedia problems with the use of 2D/3D visualisations and/or game mechanics. You’ll work on different prototypes based on real-life problems from real clients. 

Description minor

You’re involved in the prototyping of small-scale designs. You're responsible for the idea, the artistic content, and the design or visualisations. You can also develop an expertise such as animation, 2D or 3D design, concept art, programming, storytelling, and game design.

The minor works according to methods that are often used in the creative industry: SCRUM and Design Thinking. Professionals are frequently invited to give workshops or guest lectures. Next to that, they will provide advice and feedback on your process and personal development.

During this course, you enjoy a lot of independence and responsibility. At the same time, it is a close community of students and teachers who always help each other. Together we learn a lot about various subjects such as 2D design, concept art, character animation, programming, augmented and visual reality (AR / VR), storytelling, world building, prototypes, etc.

The minor is suitable for anyone who is curious about animation, visualisation and game design. Experience with drawing, sketching, animation, storytelling or programming is nicely included but not necessary.

  • Semester: fall/spring
  • Level: second year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
  • Grading policy: fail pass
  • Max. number of students: 10
  • Optional course: Dutch Language and Culture

Requirements: some affinity with 3D design and game development is preferable, but not necessary.

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