International Law

This course provides insight and practical legal assignments in the field of international law. The core of the minor is the legal advice that students will be preparing for (regional) businesses, organisations, or to members of the European Parliament on a particular international legal subject.

Description minor 

For the purpose of this minor, students will assume the role of legal consultant and provide the best possible advice on a particular practical legal problem, using the theoretical and strategic background information that will be part of the curriculum. This background information is presented in workshops and includes international law subjects, research skills, and legal English. Furthermore, the programme includes mediating and pleading a legal case in a live moot court and provides insight into the international and cultural aspects of international legal advising. The official course language is English.

General learning objectives

In general, the minor will contribute to the following programme learning outcomes:

  • Students are able to recognise, analyse, and apply basic theoretical knowledge in the field of international law. 
  • Students are able to recognise, analyse, and apply basic international law theory on the subject of professional issues and dilemmas in an international context.
  • Students are able to communicate information, ideas, problems, and solutions for issues in the field of international law to a specialist audience in an international context.
  • Students gain knowledge on the international law system, in particular regarding human rights, international business law, and European law.

Students will need to possess at least basic legal knowledge to enrol in this course.

  • Semester: fall
  • Level: final year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
  • NHL Stenden Academy: Thorbecke Academy
  • This minor subject is especially suitable for students of one of the following undergraduate programmes, because international law is an extension of their major programme:

Students of the major Law (HBO-Rechten)
Students of the major BKM/HRM
Students of the major European Studies
Students of the major Integrale Veiligheidskunde
Students of the major Bestuurskunde-Overheidsmanagement

  • Optional course: Dutch Language and Culture



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