Lodge Management (South Africa)

Work in ecotourism

Would you like to work in ecotourism as a guide or the manager of a reserve? Then it is important for you to study accommodation facilities in wildlife parks, how to manage a safari lodge, as well as how you can achieve economic success with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. 

In the Lodge Management minor, you will explore these topics and learn how to deal with all kinds of people, because you will have to work closely with each other in remote areas.

  • Learn how to appeal to the specific target group for this unique tourism concept.
  • Go on excursions to different lodges.
  • Attend lectures by people from the industry, such as the general manager of a lodge or an architect.
  • Take workshops on human resource management and the legal aspect of the work.

This minor subject is worth 15 ECTS and is offered in English in South Africa. The course concludes with a design for a lodging business, a presentation to the investor, and learning reports.



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