Online Marketing and Revenue Management

Specialise in online marketing and pricing

Would you like to work as a business development or revenue manager in the hotel industry or tourism? Then it is important for you to study online marketing and the matching of pricing to current sales trends. 

In this minor, you will learn everything about the strategy behind determining a price and choosing a sales channel, and how small and medium-sized enterprises can do this with limited resources. You will also explore online reputation management and learn how to influence the image of your company on the internet.

  • Realised in collaboration with important players in the industry.
  • Gain important knowledge and skills for managers in the hotel and tourism sectors.
  • Examine online ecosystems and the networking of websites around a particular subject or industry.
  • Learn by carrying out real-life practical assignments.

The minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in South Africa. The course concludes with a presentation on your final project, consisting of a Revenue Management system development for our partner hotel, My Pond. You will also be required to complete an STR exam. On completion, you will be awarded an additional SRT-certificate in hotel analytics. Student-led seminars and Case-Based Learning also contribute to your final mark.



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