Social Entrepreneurship

Do business with other cultures

Would you like to work as a manager in an international environment? Then it is important that you know and understand other cultures and their values and know how to successfully do business with other nationalities. 

In this minor, you will learn multicultural, political, and legal aspects of international business, develop your management skills, and put your business management theories into practice. You will also experience the problems associated with living and working in a South African township.

  • Get a new perspective on other cultures and develop a new mindset.
  • Help local entrepreneurs to set up a business, such as a hairdressing salon, bakery, or catering business.
  • Attend lectures on apartheid, HIV and AIDS and cultural sensitivities.
  • Attend workshops on consulting, corporate training, and business analysis.

The minor is worth 30 ECTS credits and is offered in English in South Africa. The course concludes with several written reports and presentations.



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