Spa and Health Business Concepts

Work in the spa and health sector

Would you like to work in the wellness industry? Then it is important to know the sector inside and out and understand the problems and challenges within the industry. You also need to have an understanding of strategic management and be able to design future scenarios for the spa sector. 

In the Spa and Health Business Concepts minor, you will explore these topics and stay well yourself by learning to cook healthily and taking yoga and Thai massage lessons.

  • Discover the blossoming spa and health industry in Thailand.
  • Research how trends such as a healthy lifestyle influence business globally.
  • Write a report in which you describe the future of the spa, health and wellness industry, as well as an article about a current issue in the sector.
  • Work on your personal learning goals.

This minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in Thailand. The course concludes with a report, presentation, article, and portfolio of your personal development.



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