Spa Business Strategy

Develop business strategies in the wellness sector

Would you like to work as a manager, consultant or entrepreneur in the wellness industry? Or would you like to work in a sector linked with wellness, such as tourism or the hospitality sector? Then it is important that you know the sector well and have an understanding of strategic management, finances, human resource management, sales, marketing and concept development.

In this minor, you will carry out market research and learn how to set up a business strategy that ensures your businesses' survival in this competitive market. You will also learn how to sell your concept to a client.

  • Contribute to setting up a new spa in Bali.
  • Develop a business strategy and present it to experts from the wellness industry.
  • Visit luxurious and innovative wellness centres.
  • Take interesting workshops, including in massage techniques.

This minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in Bali. The course concludes with a written examination and writing/presenting your business strategy.



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