Algemene afbeelding testimonials

Pieter de Jong

Student International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS)

Pieter de Jong (21) is a student International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS). His studies allow him to combine his love of travelling with working. Pieter is currently doing an internship in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where he represents his institute.

Algemene afbeelding testimonials

”My teaching and travelling passions really come together in this programme.”

Teaching all over the world

"I love a challenge. I think it's important and super interesting to find the right approach to teach children. I've always loved travelling and I have never seen presentation as a problem. When I was still in secondary vocational education (mbo) I often visited schools to talk about my studies. This was one of the nicest things to do. That's why I soon joined the International Teacher for Secondary Schools (ITESS) programme. My passion for teaching combined with the international aspect really comes together in this programme."

The practice lessons have prepared me well for my internship

"The course offers many opportunities to discover where you want to teach, through your internships. I am currently doing a ten week internship in Lubiana. Here I meet children from all kinds of cultures and countries. In order to be able to communicate well with these children and to be able to bridge the different cultures, we are taught the subject of democratic citizenship. This teaches us a lot about the different cultures and human rights, so I know how to bridge the differences. Through the projects I know how to design lessons. For example, we once had a project in which we were allowed to present the teaching material to the pupils of an international school. They gave us valuable feedback so we learned a lot from that. Now I know how we can motivate pupils to learn new things, something that really helps me during my internship."

The programme is packed with discovery

"The programme is still very new, so we're still discovering much. We do many excursions. We went to other schools to see how they teach so we can compare and learn new things. We also went to museums to learn more about culture. Because the course is so new, there is much input from us. If we want to set up a new organisation, like a study organisation, we get all the freedom we want. This allows us to contribute to the programme and learn much about teaching at the same time. Together we discover what type of teacher we are and how we can best create teaching material. It really is a programme with plenty of practice. Working together and experimenting is the key to making fun and instructive lessons for the pupils."