Online Study Dive
 Online Study Dive

Online Study Dive

Have you ever found yourself imagining your future life as a student? Are you curious about what NHL Stenden can offer you besides just study programmes? Then get ready for a once in a lifetime entertainment show, the Study Dive! We’ve got an amazing programme for you, created by students and hosted by students.

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What can you get out of it? 

This is an online never-seen-before entertainment show all about the life and experiences you could have when studying at NHL Stenden. Developed and hosted by students for future students, we make sure all the topics are ones that will really interest you, like School Hacks, NHL Stenden Cribs and Family Away from Home. You also get to ask questions yourself in the chat and interact with our hosts and guest during the show. And as it’s an interactive livestream, you can access it wherever you are, on your mobile, on your laptop or on your tablet.


During our Online Study Dive event on 3 June from 1pm – 2.30pm, we'll offer you a cool programme including:

  • NHL Stenden Cribs
  • Going Out in the different student cities
  • Leisure activities you shouldn't miss
  • Part-time jobs and what to look out for
  • Good to know hacks you should know before starting your studies
“Do you guys want to know more about our study time at NHL Stenden? Why not sign up now and find out what your student life could be like?”
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