Thursday 25 April 2024  

The conference will start at 9:00, with registration and coffee at Podium Zuidhaege (Zuidhaege 2, 9401 NZ Assen).

There will be interactive theme sessions exploring topics such as law, government, ethics, threats, and opportunities in the realm of AI. Enjoy lunch and coffee breaks where you can connect with fellow attendees, network, and engage in informal discussions about artificial intelligence.

9:00Registration and welcome
9:30Opening speech
Richard Delger, Director Thorbecke Academy
9:40Presentations with a broad perspective on AI: 

Jens Burrichter - Police Osnabrück, Department International Cooperation
"About the Police Lower Saxony, involvement in cross-border operations, 
connection with other EU countries and EU Law Enforcement agencies"

Robert Telle - Information specialist at the Department Data Solutions 
at Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen | Hannover 
‘AI and its use at the Niedersachsen police within cross-border operations’


Saul Johnson and Klaas Dijkstra - Professor of Applied Sciences in Computer 
Vision & Data Science
‘Developing an intuitive understanding of generative AI from
real-life applications’

11:00Coffee break

Arnoud Engelfriet - CKO at ICTrecht and teacher at 
VU university Amsterdam 
AI and Law, Governance and Ethics regarding developments 
in artificial intelligence’
12:15Lunch break

Guided by Willem Bantema & Arnoud Engelfriet: 
'AI, governance, regulations and ethics' 
14:15Short break


Willem Bantema - Professor of Applied Sciences in Cybersafety -
‘Governance and Security in a Digitized Society’ 
‘Citizen-perspective on the use of technology’

15:00Coffee break

Jurjen Jansen and Thijs Valkengoed (ECD/police)
'Development of digitalization within the police force'

Furlan Funke-Kaiser 
Cyber and Defence, threats to the Netherlands: AI opportunities and 
threats during warfare 
16:30Wrap up sessions and drinks