Change and Innovation

”Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change” – Richard Branson

Change isn’t easy, but it is far better than being stuck. The 21st century organisations are confronted with dynamic and ever-changing environments. Organisational change and innovation are therefore pre-requisites for staying competitive. This minor is about setting the right conditions in any organisation in order to facilitate and to encourage change and innovation processes on both organisational and personal levels.



  • Semester: Period 3 in Spring Semester  (February – Mid April)
  • Location: Leeuwarden
  • Study load: 15 ECTS
  • Available places: 15
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Have you ever experienced being stuck? What did it take to change? You might know that it is not easy to change your own conduct. Then just imagine what efforts are needed for organisational change and to strive for continuous innovation.

In this minor, we explore the mechanisms, psychology and tools to empower employee-initiated innovation and to facilitate organisational learning. Building up personal values and developing passions of employment often lead to commitment, dedication, flexibility and a shared vision in return. Adaptive organisations are created to be ready for any challenge or opportunity.

The minor applies various educational activities, including working according to design thinking principles. Furthermore in this minor, change agent experts are ready to share their lessons learned with you. You will learn about change on an organisational level and with focal points towards your own personal leadership as well. Change and innovation is an essential must-have for any future business professional.

The minor expands on the knowledge obtained in other parts of the curriculum regarding change and innovation management. This minor enables students to learn and to apply change and innovation aspects concerning:

  • Developments in the organisational environment (VUCA) and trends in organisation;
  • Leadership, culture and power in relation to organisational change;
  • Developing effective change and innovation strategies & interventions;
  • Change on an organisational, group as well as personal level;
  • Approaches in organisational development and learning;
  • Acknowledging and appraising personal talents from a growth mindset.

The topics of various learning activities include amongst others:

  • Learning organisations
  • Psychology of Change
  • Stakeholder management
  • Internal communication
  • Leadership
  • Power in organisations
  • Organisational culture
  • Change dilemmas
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Liminal thinking
  • Personal Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Collaborative Play
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Modern research methods, synthesis/analysis techniques, and research deliverables for human-centred design
  • Becoming a Change hero
  • And many more contemporary topics and highlights through Guest-lectures and Student-Led Seminars!
  • Study load/credits: 15 ECTS
  • Educational methodss: (Guest) Lectures and workshops, Student-Led Seminars, Case-Based Learning, Project based learning
  • Examination: Case Based Learning, Student-Led Seminars, Minor Assignment, Individual Portfolio
  • Course language: English      
  • Semester: Period 3 in Spring Semester  (February – Mid April)
  • Location: NHL Stenden Leeuwarden
  • Admission requirements: Students from NHL Stenden and other universities of Applied Sciences
  • Possible participants Business Administration (International Programme)
  • Offered by: Business Administration (International Programme)
  • Contact person: Erik Jan Rodenhuis