Innovation and Project Management

This module focuses on Innovation and project management, in the context of sustainability.



Semester: fall, period 1, max 4 places per module period
Amount of ECTS: 11

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It addresses why innovations within organisations nowadays are vital for these organisations to survive, and the main characteristics of the various types of innovation. The module introduces the relevance of CSR related criteria in decision-making processes in innovation, and how to use CSR criteria in decision making.

The module also addresses the issue of generating ideas in a structured way. For the topic on project management, it addresses knowledge and skills needed for planning a project, including control of resources, cooperation, communication, information and activities.

  • Method: A/o Lectures, workshops, project work, skills training
  • Examination: Project report and presentations, written exams, reports, participation, assignments
  • Number of credits: 11 ECTS
  • Semester: Fall, period 1, max 4 places per module period