International Branding

How do organizations manage to create a unique and differentiating brand identity? This programme offers you the opportunity to work in an international research team on the topic of branding. Students in Finland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands conduct a real life research for a company in which they develop a strong international brand identity for the client.

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  • Semester: Spring
  • Location: Leeuwarden
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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Every brand – no matter a manufacturer or retail brand - wants to be a customer’s ‘first choice’. Building and managing a strong brand can play a big role in making this happen. Branding is about creating extra value to your business and by aiming to achieve a strong and unique position in the consumer’s mind. Good branding elevates and differentiates your like-for-like products or services and gives your customers reason to choose you over your competitors.

You evaluate the brand identity and brand performance for a real client/company and develop or improve a consistent brand strategy that takes trends and the customer journey into account. This leads to consistency in the brand strategy and operations.

Module aims: Focus on Branding, Research and International Cooperation.

Main objectives:

  • You understand various concepts of branding.
  • You design and carry out research aimed at analysing the market in which the company operates.
  • You create, implement, test and improve prototypes for the company.
  • You cooperate in a structured manner with external and international stakeholders.
  • Location: Leeuwarden
  • Semester: Spring
  • Credits: 15 ECTS
  • Methods: business meetings and workshops
  • Examination: Project report, Process assessment, research article and pitch/presentation
  • Entry requirements: Completed first year of study (Business and Management Bachelor).
  • Note: not open to students who studied the module Branding
  • A one week field trip to Tampere, Finland, or to Brno, Czech Republic, during the kick-off week is part of the programme. This means there are additional costs for travelling and accommodation.