International Market Orientation

In this programme you will produce a complete feasibility study concerning subjects like marketing, managing, financing a new formula, making use of a perceived gap in the foreign market(s) or upgrading an existing formula in a foreign country, in close co-operation with the local authorities or business community.

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  • Semester: Fall (period 2) and Spring (period 4), max 4 places per module period
  • Location: Leeuwarden
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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Students work in small groups on a project in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce to prepare a trade mission for a regional company to a country in Eastern Europe.

There will be introductory lectures in the first week and two PBL (Problem Based Learning) sessions per week. Guest speakers will be scheduled to participate in the module according to availability.

  • Location: Leeuwarden
  • Semester: Fall (period 2) and Spring (period 4), max 4 places per module period
  • Credits: 15 ECTS
  • Examination: Participation in PBL sessions, written assignments and a presentation.
  • Required Reading: International Markets Orientation Module Reader,
  • Lovelock C.H., Services Marketing, Prentice Hall
  • Usunier J.C., International Marketing: A Cultural Approach, Prentice Hall
  • Entry requirement: A working knowledge of English, (Service) Marketing and Management at
  • higher education level.
  • Method: Project based learning and written assignments)