International Sustainable Entrepreneurship

To learn the theory of entrepreneurship there are all kinds of study aspects which are carried out in this part of the study programme of 15 ECTS. There are assignments, simulations, workshops, and guest lectures. You also make a personal business plan.

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  • Semester: Spring
  • Examination: Digital Portfolio
  • Amount of ECTS: 15 or 30
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Nothing is as effective as a good theory. So this theory is learned by presenting theory, explaining to others in a way that this audience is activated regarding the specific presented theory. Because the outcome of the learning process is complex and uncertain, the CRAP system is used to register and justify the personal learning processes in a personal digital portfolio.

Learning Company: experiencing real (international) Entrepreneurship in Action. We do have several assignments of companies for groups of students that will operate as a learning company. See handbook learning companies. This is practising the credo: “Each entrepreneur begins with a first customer”, so a group of students that carry out a real assignment while been monitored bi-weekly by the Advisory Board of experts and entrepreneurs. See Handbook: there is a separate process of assessment. The CRAP system to register and justify the personal learning processes is also applied here.

The curriculum is designed as "Entrepreneurship in Action" with the theoretical structure of the book of the same name, together with a number of themes from other disciplines that strengthen the integrative nature of entrepreneurship. Themes that can be useful in the making of the personal business plan, and which, depending on the duration of the programme can be a part of this programme. In the programme, there are many assignments that are to be performed, thereby implementing of the term "action"!

My career options
The need for entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial operating is existing in virtually all industries and sectors. Terms used in this context are "entrepreneurship" and "intrapreneurship". So, there is enough demand for entrepreneurial skills and competencies. This programme provides a method to acquire these.

  • Method: assignments, simulations, workshops, guest lectures, a personal business plan, etc.
  • Examination: Digital Portfolio
  • Semester: Spring