Marketing Communications Service Learning

Learn to design and handle a marketing plan for an existing company or organization in your field of study.



  • Location: Leeuwarden 

  • Semester: Fall and Spring 

  • Credits: 15 ECTS 

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During this module you will learn how to design a marketing communication plan and how to explain the plan to a client (representative of a company or organization). The strategy and the tactics of the marketing communication plan is shown by the production of a market research, an in depth analysis of the company’s strategic position, a design of a strategic marketing communication plan. You will work both with Dutch and international students on a project.

Examples of subjects are:

  • Marketing

  • Marketing communications (strategy and tactics)

  • Applied psychology (consumer behavior)

  • Graphic design and multimedia

The programme is focused on deepening the knowledge students have in the field of marketing and marketing communications. 

You will face a number of challenges, like: 

  • Making an analysis of a company’s marketing environment 

  • Making an analysis of a company’s strategic marketing position 

  • Designing a strategic marketing communication plan in a web based world 

  • Designing and production of appropriate marketing communication media like a folder, advertising campaign, multi-media productions

  • Location: Leeuwarden 
  • Semester: Fall and Spring 
  • Credits: 15 ECTS 
  • Entry requirements: basic knowledge in disciplines like communication, strategic management, marketing, public relations 
  • Study method: Project work 
  • Examination: Marketing communication plan –including productions, Literature review