Sales - CRM

In this module the focal point is the use and design of an operational CRM system. Central in this task is the construction of a database, using the program MS Office – Access. The database has to be constructed with all relevant variables and then be filled with data about students and their personal network.



  • Semester: spring period 3
  • Location: Emmen
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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The student database with all student relations must be able to generate specific target groups which then will be used for surveys. 

The individual task of a student is to make appropriate queries, leading to the desired target group for the content of surveys.  

The Sales/CRM Project is including courses on:  

  • Service Marketing,  
  • Customer Relation Management,  
  • Management Information Systems,  
  • Big Data,  
  • Cloud Computing,  
  • Communication. 
  • Location: Emmen
  • Semester: Spring, period 3
  • Credits: 15 ECTS
  • Prerequisites: basic level of marketing and economics