NHL Stenden

Media & Culture

Looking at the history of media products and the impact that ‘culture’ has had on media.



  • Semester: spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 9
  • Level: Second Year 
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In our culture, media and entertainment are of increasing importance. Here we examine the broad and rapidly growing field of media, focusing mainly on the meaning, artistic forms and history. You will reflect on how movies, music, television and new media programmes are constructed and what their role in society is. You look at the history of these media products and the impact that ‘culture’ has had on media. Examples of disciplines and subjects are: Semiotics, storytelling, genre theory, stereotypes, representation, cultural studies, aesthetics (cinematography), cultural sociology.

  • To understand how (mass) media plays a crucial role in building and determining taste, culture and ideology.
  • To provide an historical perspective and a theoretical framework in which to place current and future entertainment products
  • To increase knowledge of the effects of the media and entertainment industry.
  • To see the links between the various media in order to be inspired to develop new media and entertainment products.
  • Number of credits: 9 ECTS
  • Status of the module: Second Year module of the MEM major programme
  • Entry requirements: Successful completion of first year Media & Entertainment Management, or equivalent; in particular, basic theoretical knowledge of the sectors of the media industry