Hospitality Operations Environment

The module focus is on the operational context and specifically addresses Finance and Law on a tactical level. 



  • Semester: fall and spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
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Structure and content units

1) Operational Environment

The focus of this unit is on the operational environment of a hospitality company. This involves a full analysis of all relevant aspects of the environment when creating a feasibility study on a tactical level. All relevant environmental aspects will be translated into a financial business case where the student will assess its feasibility in a systematic and coherent manner. An important aspect is how to communicate these findings to the management of our partner hotel in an oral presentation and to school in a written assignment.
2) Law
This business law unit focuses on contract and company law within the international hospitality company as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics. Support is offered by weekly lectures and a final workshop. All study materials will be made available through Blackboard. This unit will be assessed by an individual Short Answer Test (SAT).
3) Financial Analysis
This unit consists of analyzing the financial statements of a hospitality company in order to evaluate its financial performance. This unit is assessed by a written report.

Module unit Learning Outcomes

Module learning Outcome:

To analyze and assess the tactical environment of the international hospitality business regarding Finance and Law
Unit Learning Outcomes:
Unit 1: Operational Environment (6 EC)

Demonstrate the ability to analyze and assess key forces within the operational environment of a hospitality company.
Unit 2: Law (3 EC)
Understand, analyze and interpret the legal context of a hospitality company by applying statutory law and judicial precedents on the facts of selected Real World Learning cases.

Unit 3: Financial Analysis (3 EC)

Analyze financial statements and write a financial report evaluating the performance of a company.


Module co-ordinator(s)

Jurgen Coerts, Marcus Hoekstra

Number of credits


Status of the module

Second Year module of the major program

Entry requirements

English B2 level


Problem based learning, workshops , lectures, presentations, consultation hours


Group assignment, individual testing