Rooms Division Management

This minor offers students the opportunity to specialise within the fascinating field of Rooms Division Management.



  • Semester: fall and spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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The purpose of the RD Minor is to gain more in-depth knowledge in the management aspects of the RD department. A RD manager, in practice, is to be expected to maintain contact with guests within various fields of hotel organizations. The RD manager effectively serves as the “lubricant” between guests and the operational departments of the hotel company. A wide range of competencies is necessary to seamlessly meld an effective RD organization with the needs and wishes of its guests.

The subjects that will be covered, include:

  • Primary functions and responsibilities
  • Revenue management
  • Trends/ branding in hotel Industry 
  • In and out sourcing
  • ICT and Social Media
  • Sales Skills
  • Guest safety and security
  • Guest loyalty, Guest Relations
  • HRM: Recruitment & Selection 
  • International Law
  • Sustainability
  • 2 days BHV workshop (Company Response Team, First Aid). Own contribution of € 110,00 per student is required.
  • Optional opportunity to achieve a certification in hospitality industry analytics (CHIA). After 6 workshops an exam can be taken.

In this minor the student will explore the best management practices in the rooms division department and most recent strategies for building or maintaining a competitive advantage through the introduction of new concepts.

RD Reinforcement

After completing this unit the student is able to identify and relate contemporary rooms division management theories with industry examples and to formulate an opinion.

RD Innovations

After completing this unit the students are able to construct and present a rooms division concept, and defend the choices made.

RD Human resources

After completing this unit the student is able to identify and relate contemporary human resource theories with an industry example and to formulate an opinion.

Module co-ordinator(s)

Saskia Penninga

Number of credits


Status of the module

Minor. Optional module for third year International Hospitality Management students.

Entry requirements

Basic knowledge of Rooms Division in Hotels, English level B2 is required


Case Based Learning, (guest)lectures, workshops, Hotel visits and 2 days external BHV course at G4S location Oudehaske


Module assignment (written report and presentation with defense), learner report and HRM assignment




The module includes several hotel visits, where travel expenses are involved (indication ± € 100) + Guest Lectures. The students are expected to wear business attire when visiting the hotels and attending guest lectures. Moreover, external 2 days BHV course (this course includes First Aid, how to apply the AED (automated external defibrillator), firefighting, evacuation and communication with emergency services) are included which requires an own contribution of € 110,00. This part is an obligatory educational activity of the module. After successfully completing this 2 days course the students will receive a BHV (company response team) certificate.

The cost of the optional examination Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA) is $75 (approximately € 69).