Concepting leisure

In this module, Concepting Leisure, you, as a student, will be responsible for the way in which you carry out the assignments. We, as lecturers, will do our utmost to support and facilitate you in this remarkable process. Besides devising an innovative educational concept, we have also set up the Future LAB, which is a space that challenges you, stimulates you but above all it is a space that enables you to master the design thinking process. Many sessions in this module will take place in around the LAB and you can use the open space yourself or with your group to work on the development of concepts.

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  • Semester: spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 12
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The module Concepting Leisure is all about creating innovative Leisure Concepts. It focuses solely on developing concepts and takes up the full 9 weeks so that students can master this new way of thinking and working. So for future Leisure Management graduates it is essential that they are completely familiar with the design thinking process since it is regarded as an important part of the skills for the 21st century. This module intends to interpret the concept of 21st century skills in its form, organisation and execution.

General module objectives:

We live in times when nothing stays the same for very long and where technology makes progress in leaps and bounds. We are faced with consumers who want to lead experience-filled and meaningful lives. These are consumers who want to exert and can exert an influence on every facet of their daily lives, including the precious commodity of leisure time. The way this leisure time is spent adds much to the perceived quality of life so you, as future Leisure managers, have an important task in turning these fast changes into value-filled Leisure experiences that the consumers regard as meaningful. In the first place, the changes in society require well-educated Leisure managers who are able to make an optimal contribution to the number one economic sector in the Netherlands. As an educational institute, it is our duty to develop programmes that enable you to function well in a growingly complex society. Since innovation, creativity and demand-driven education are becoming more and more significant, a number of lecturers have decided to take the lead and develop an educational concept with a corresponding physical space that will enable you to furnish your own learning path and to provide you with skills for the 21st century.

  • Number of credits: 15 ECTS
  • Status of the module: Compulsory second year module for all LM students.
  • Entry requirements: Foundation year. Good command of oral and written English.
  • Method: Design based learning
  • Examination: Experience presentations, peer review, tour, report.