Heritage Experience Management

The module offers students an opportunity to engage in a detailed study of heritage tourism and the various related policy initiatives found within the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. It will
involve different perspectives of heritage and its relationship with tourism, the wider social and
political context, developments and current issues and management issues in heritage



  • Semester: spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
  • Max available places: 25
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Disciplines and subjects:

The themes included in the module are: Defining Heritage, Heritage Tourism, The Politics of Heritage, Heritage Policy in Practice, Contested Heritage, Dissonant Heritage, Dark Tourism and Thana Tourism, Military Heritage and Battlefield Tourism, Religious Heritage, The Museums sector, Commercial Heritage, Urban and Rural Heritage, Tradition: Living Heritage and Heritage Events, Managing Heritage Attractions, Marketing Heritage Tourism, Heritage Interpretation, Memory, Memorials and Remembrance, Heritage and Identity, Industrial Heritage.

The content will provide a broad understanding of the range of heritage attractions that exist but will also allow students to develop an in-depth analytical perspective on many current, controversial and industry-relevant issues.

  • Method: CBL, lectures, field trip
  • Examination: module assignment, exam, presentation, participation
  • Required Reading: Timothy, D. & Boyd, S. (2003). Heritage Tourism. Harlow: Prentice Hall.
  • Remarks: The module includes a field trip to Edinburgh with presentations from organisations involved in heritage tourism and its development, conservation, marketing, interpretation, etc. This will cost around €400 and €500.
  • Status of the module: Optional module for third year International Tourism Management students. Optional module for students from LM, M&EM and exchange students with background in Tourism or Leisure, IHM,OM.
  • Number of credits: 15 ECTS