NHL Stenden

International sports management 2



  • Semester: spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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In this module you will study and apply all the strategic steps of marketing to a sports company of your choice. You will also organize sports outdoor activities/events like GPS, Speed Buggy, Lacrosse, Mountain Bike, Boot camp, Ultimate Frisbee, Floor ball, Cricket. All of this will be applied in a week of adventure sports.


  • Outdoor sports
  • Adventure sports
  • Professional behavior
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Map and Compass
  • GPS-games
  • Mountain biking
  • Boot camp
  • Speed buggy
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Sponsoring
  • Risk Management
  • Experience Creation

Applied Management Strategies in the Sauerland (Germany)


  1. Can organize an adventure sports activity
  2. Can apply all strategic marketing principles to a sports company
  3. Developing a vision of trends in the environment, developing relationships, networks and chains
  4. Directing in networks
  5. Initiating, creating and marketing products, services; independently and enterprising
  6. Setting up business and organisational processes
  7. Self-steering competency: intrapersonal
  8. Social and communicative competency: interpersonal
  • Number of credits: 15 ECTS
  • Entry requirements: Year 1 and 2 bachelor and International Sport Management 1
  • Methods: Guest Lectures, PBL, Research, presentations
  • Examination: Company Visits, Sports clinics, Open questions, Organization Sports clinic – group assignment
  • Organizational structure: International Class of max. 48 students
  • Remarks: Only in combination with International Sports Management 1
  • Dublin descriptors: According to the competences of NVMS