Tourism Industry Operations

A detailed study will be made of service operations and operations management as they relate to the tourism industry, in particular, as they relate to tour operating and the travel industry. The module will also focus on the principal role of tour wholesalers in combining transport and various other services into tours and packages that are mainly sold through retail travel agencies to individuals or groups of travelers.

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  • Semester: spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 9
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Disciplines and subjects: Important aspects of service operations management in the tourism industry in different business settings: tour operating & operations management, operations management in the travel business ( including the airline and cruise industry); the Internet industry and automation; the tourism “ services” industry including links to hospitality and retail operations management; law and ethics in the context of doing business in the tourist industry.

An understanding of the major principles of tourism. Some essential skills are necessary for successful participation in the module. These are, good communication skills, proven proficiency in English and the ability to work in a team. If you cannot meet these standards, you will not be able to pass the module.

  • Number of credits: 9 ECTS
  • Status of the module: Compulsory second year module for ITM students; optional module for all management institutes and open to exchange students
  • Entry requirements: Good command of oral and written English and an understanding of the major principles of tourism.
  • Remarks: Organization & execution 3-days excursion; costs are around €120,-. Students arrange a 3 day excursion with a view to an experience from the customer and service provider perspective, involving a range of issues in the broadest sense of operations in the tourism industry.
  • Method: CBL (Case Based Learning), lectures, guest lectures, learner reports and Assignments
  • Examination: Written test, module assignment, case reports