Jildou van Egmond

Jildou van Egmond
“Studying Business Administration has given me the grounding for the international business world”
Jildou van Egmond
Student Business Administration

Jildou van Egmond (20) looks for the right kinds of challenges, such as international teamwork, in the Business Administration programme. Thanks to the degree, she’s not only developed herself professionally, but also personally.

More than just theory

"The Business Administration programme offers so many advantages. In addition to leaning theory, you work with students from different backgrounds, which means you learn a lot about different cultures and prepares you well for international teamwork in a working environment. What’s more, the programme is really diverse. I wasn’t sure which direction was right for me at first, but because I’ve been able to make a variety of choices during my study, such as regarding my minor and my internship, I’ve found my specialisation, namely working with people (HRM).”

Different simulations

“During the programme, we carried out a number of different simulations. For instance, we had a project in which we had to set up our own coffee house. It made us think about lots of things such as what kind of coffee we wanted to serve and which market we wanted to target, and although it means you’re really busy working on a project for your studies, it doesn’t feel like that. Another project we had was an online simulation in which we set up our own airline – with the NHL Stenden students on Bali playing the competition. The six of us examined what class of airline company we wanted to be, the routes we wanted to fly, what food and drink we wanted to serve during a flight, and so on. We each had our own task, like marketing, finance, route planning, management and HR, and each week we delivered a number of products. We saw these as little presents that you produce so as to get your brand noticed. Thanks to the simulations you can more easily link theory to practice.”

Applying theory to practice

“My final year is a year-long internship. I’m working at Dr Oetker and, at the moment, I’m focusing on personnel training and developing a programme so that new personnel will feel at home more quickly at Dr Oetker. My dissertation will cover the efficiency of the production process, for instance letting personnel know how they can resolve malfunctions or how they can switch between different productions. If personnel are well informed, then processes can be more efficient, cost less time and be more sustainable for Dr Oetker.”

“In addition to the core aspect of Business Administration, you also learn to work together well and you get loads of practical experience. In addition, you can customise your programme to suit you by choosing the right kind of minor. Studying Business Administration has given me the grounding for the international business world – and I would really love to work for an international company.”

To find out more about this programme, visit the programme’s website Bedrijfskunde (in Dutch) or for the English-taught programme Business Administration Bachelor l NHL Stenden