Uniforms and fitting days

During your studies at Hotel Management School, you will gain valuable work experience in Notiz Hotel during your practice. Notiz Hotel is a commercial hotel that is open to the public and has gained a reputation on the market for its food and beverage concept (Dutch Cuisine) and high level of personalized service.

Throughout your studies, you will be working in various departments of Notiz Hotel, including but not limited to the front office, housekeeping, restaurants, catering, canteens, kitchens and events. To ensure a professional appearance for our guests, we all wear uniforms and have strict grooming standards. You will also need a suit for e.g. guest lectures, company visits, possibly during your internship and other external activities where you represent Hotel Management School.

Before you start your International Hospitality Management studies, Notiz Hotel organizes fitting session en pick up days by our tailor: By Rockland. The Fitting Day for the February intake will be organized on Thursday 3rd of February 2022. To register, please use this link: Fitting Day 3-02-2022 (gesevent.com)

In case you want to bring your own suit and/or kitchen attire these need to adhere to several standards, in order to ensure a correct and professional appearance within Notiz Hotel and in representative functions of Hotel Management School.

These requirements are available here.

The complete package our clothing supplier offers contains:

The total package is priced at € 700,- including VAT and a 3 year service for tailoring. Check here. Payment has to be made in full on the day of your fitting day, by Tikkie. Cash is unfortunately not accepted. Note: check with your bank if you can pin this amount in full, Dutch banks (student accounts) have a limitation at € 500,- You can change this via “internetbankieren” or by calling your bank.

We offer specific clothing package for different educational streams within Hotel Management School (MHS, Grand Tour, AD). When you only have practice in year 3 for 1 module the uniform is not obligatory. All other students must adhere to the standards given by Notiz Hotel.

Students who already own a kitchen uniform and knife set, which adhere to the standards given, can wear this during practice as well as long as the logo of previous education/employer is not visible. For the suit, the same standards apply.

The location for the fitting is NHL Stenden, Rengerslaan 8 Leeuwarden. The school is easily accessible via public transport (line 612).

For any further questions concerning the uniform and fitting day please contact us at: suits.nhg@nhlstenden.com.