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What exactly is NHL Stenden and what makes studying here so unique? What’s it like to study in the Netherlands? And what international opportunities are there? Get a taster of life at our University of Applied Sciences, watch our informative presentations and learn all about our different study programmes.

We’ll be live on Tuesday 10 November from 1pm to 6pm. We’ve pre-recorded presentations that will give you insights into our education system and why NHL Stenden is an excellent choice for the start of your career. From 1.30pm, you can attend the live Q&A sessions "About NHL Stenden" and "Design-Based Education" and you can talk with some of our students in live Talks about what it's like to study at NHL Stenden.

For the Live Q&A's you will be redirected to the Microsoft Teams Environment where you can chat with teachers, staff and students.

Presentations (Pre-Recorded)

Study at NHL Stenden

In our Study at NHL Stenden Presentation, you will meet Neele and Alex who will welcome you to our Online Open Day giving you all the important information about your study opportunities at NHL Stenden. They’ll give you tips on why you should start your studies in the Netherlands and of course you can also contact them with all your questions!

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Design-Based Education

In the presentation on Design-Based Education, our student Kyra will tell you why our innovative educational concept convinced her to do her degree at NHL Stenden. You’ll find out more about how Design-Based Education works in theory and get exclusive insights into the real-life assignments Kyra has carried out.

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Live streams

Study at NHL Stenden Q&A

13.30 – 14.00 h  
Who better to talk about what it's like to study at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences than our own students and staff? In the Q&A live stream, they’ll be answering your questions and sharing their experiences with you.

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Design Based Education Live Q&A

16.30 – 17.00 h  
If you’d like to find out how our educational concept works and why working in groups as part of design-based education prepares you so well for an international career, then join this live Q&A with our student Kyra. She’ll answer your questions and share her experience with you.

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Student Talks!

13.30 – 18.00 h 
The best people to ask about what it’s like to study at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences are, of course, our own students. In the Live Student Talks, they’ll share their own experiences with you. Check out which Student Talk you really can’t miss!

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Explore our Locations


Will Leeuwarden be your new student city? Take a digital tour round the campus and get to know the city of the Oldehove!
Explore Leeuwarden


Is your future study in Emmen? Did you know it’s in a region full of entrepreneurs? And that the city itself has the largest indoor shopping centre in the Netherlands? Come and find out about the campus and how our students study.
Explore Emmen


If you are interested in our Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz then your future student city will be Terschelling. Come and find out what the Maritime Simulation Centre looks like? And discover what life is like on campus. We’re happy to show you around.
Explore Terschelling


Find out what it’s like to study in the centrally located and small town of Meppel. Check out the photos and get a first impression of our location in Meppel.
Explore Meppel


There’s a slogan that says “Nothing beats Groningen” so if you’d like to find out what it’s like to study at NHL Stenden in Groningen, we'd be happy to show you.
Explore Groningen

Studying abroad

Would you like to know more about our Grand Tour programme at one of our Grand Tour locations in South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia or Qatar? Or are you interested in studying abroad? Ask your question via WhatsApp or send an email to:


Would you like to know more about admission requirements and tests? Then check out this video in which Esther explains everything to you in detail!

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Student Info

If you have any questions about studying at NHL Stenden, then please contact student info on WhatsApp: +31 (0)6 13579931 (accessible on weekdays between 9.30am and 4.30pm) or by email to