Discover our location on Terschelling

Terschelling is renowned for its Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB). Find out what the Maritime Simulator Training Centre (MSTC) looks like, and discover what it’s life is like on campus. We’re happy to show you around!


Two maritime full-time programmes are offered on Terschelling.. Find out which courses you can follow on Terschelling by clicking on the buttons below.  




If you come to study on Terschelling, you will live on our campus close to the school for the first two years of the study programme.

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New university building

If you study at the MIWB on Terschelling, you will have your lessons in a brand-new school building.

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This is MIWB (Dutch Video)

Would you like more information about a specific programme?

If you have almost decided on which course to take, but still have a couple of questions or are looking for additional information, then check out the schedule below to see when your favourite subject is giving a live Q&A. On the specific course pages below, you’ll find ongoing educational videos, presentations, stories from current students and much more.